A New App To Soothe Your Soul

I am really excited this month because TranquiliCity™ is here! My new app for the iPhone is an instant locator for refuge, relaxation and renewal in New York City. It uses GPS guidance to pinpoint the way to carefully selected serene parks, soothing day spas, quiet meditation spots, rejuvenating yoga studios, waterfront TranquiliCity iPhoneretreats, secret sanctuaries and many more.

• More than 100 tranquil locations in NYC with large photos and
  clear descriptions.
• Original and exclusive content.
• Detailed maps plot distance and route to the nearest refuge
• TranquiliCity entries can be searched by category (Public Spaces,
  Waterfront Retreats, Day Spas, Meditation Centers, etc), name or
  walking distance.
• Just $.99

TranquiliCity is perfect for native New Yorkers, savvy tourists, the stressed out and the tensed up, anyone looking for a calming counterpoint to a fast-moving city. If you’d like to see more, go to tranquilicityapp.com. Or download it now by using the App Store button at right. It will cost you less than a dollar to put a little peace in your purse or pocket and have the soothing side of the world’s greatest city at your fingertips every minute of every day.TranquiliCity App

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Instant Calm


Every month, FPQ will share a new tip for adding more calm to your day.

Sound Suggestion

Noise is a powerful irritant. A hand cupped over each ear as a fire truck passes or your commuter train screeches into the station, will prevent sound overload. Try to reduce your own noise footprint, too (i.e. less honking).


Where do you find peace and quiet?

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