About FPQ

FPQ's Allan Ishac takes a pause by a
waterfall in southern Massachusetts.

findpeaceandquiet.com was launched in the fall of 2007 as an Internet oasis — a kind of "serenity central," where readers can take a break from life's demands and find refuge.

FPQ is a place to bring your tensions and watch them melt. You'll find articles that will help you raise the quiet quotient in your life, plus restorative products that members of the FPQ staff have found invaluable for increasing their peace … at home, in the car, at the office. We'll feature a "peace and quiet locator" for finding serene places near you, as well as unique vacation ideas focused on personal rejuvenation and relaxation. You'll also find inspiring stories about everyday people who've created more tranquil lifestyles – transforming their relationships to solitude, silence and, ultimately, to themselves.

We all know that life is complicated, that family and work obligations can be challenging, and that the world is changing rapidly, in ways that are sometimes overwhelming. At findpeaceandquiet.com, our rose colored glasses are off. We are not trying to advance global peace, and we don’t pretend to be a panacea for
personal problems.

What FPQ can offer you is a moment to pause, reflect and recharge, a place to get calm and build resources. FPQ may not change your life, but if it brings you a bit more solace and comfort with each visit, it can change your day. And when you string a few peaceful days together, good things are possible all around you.