Case Study - Gedling Colonics

Gedling Colonics

Jane contacted WeBoost looking for a website for her new venture in colonic irrigation treatments. Being aware of the importance of good internet marketing, Jane knew the site needed to be SEO friendly and built in way which would attract treatment bookings via the site, especially as this was her primary method of attracting new clients.

Client: Gedling Colonics
Project type: Web Design, Web Development, SEO, PPC

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The colonics sector in Nottingham was competitive, so we knew we needed a SEO friendly web design?with ongoing search engine optimisation. Jane was also keen to have an online shop where special offer vouchers could be purchased and paid for in advance of the treatment via PayPal, as well as being used for a platform to sell herbal supplements which complement her treatments and which her clients would frequently need to reorder between their colonic treatments.


Jane also required a lengthy health questionnaire to be available on site so users could complete this prior to their appointments. This information is vital as some results could mean the client was not able to undergo the procedure. Historically, this document was provided in a printable format, meaning the patient had to print off several pages of text and manually complete it with a pen either at home or in the clinic before the treatment began.



We used a WordPress CMS as the basis of the site, knowing this platform is SEO friendly both in terms of onsite setup and technical optimisation. We used Woocommerce to add an ecommerce element to the site, allowing users to purchase treatments and supplements and pay via PayPal.


With these kinds of treatments, we were aware that potential clients needed reassurance in some circumstances. For this reason we made the site extremely informative, with guides on how many treatments were needed, how to prepare for the treatment and so on. This also doubled up as valuable content for SEO purposes, allowing us to target question based keywords which would then in turn help to attract patients to the clinic.


We made a highly visible contact form appear on all key pages of the site, making it as easy as possible for users to book an appointment without the need to navigate to a specific contact page.


For the health questionnaire, we developed a bespoke form which was split down into several easy to manage steps. This both made the lengthy questionnaire less daunting and made it more likely that people would fill out the form in the comfort of their own home on their laptop, desktop PC, tablet or mobile phone. We also offered a printable version for those who preferred this method but the majority of forms are now completed online.


We have also utilised a virtual telephone number, which when used exclusively on the site and PPC ads allows us to see how many calls are generated via the site, without the need for Jane to ask 'how did you find us'.

Case Study - Gedling Colonics


Jane has enjoyed huge success thanks to her site, which now ranks in 1st position in Google for many relevant keywords and attracts hundreds of visits and dozens of bookings through the site every month. As this is a recurring treatment taken every few months, client numbers have been stacking up regularly.


Thanks to ongoing SEO, further keywords are being targeted and are we are seeing new rankings gained every month. Coupled with an effective PPC campaign, which in 6 months we have doubled the clicks and halved the Cost Per Click price, Gedling Colonics are now fully booked for weeks in advance.


Jane often comments that her clients tell her how informative and well made the site is, which is very important to us - we don't just make websites for search engines, we make it for your customers to enjoy and purchase through too!