Case Study - Inn Places

Inn Places

David and Gabrielle contacted WeBoost with a mission - to get the site optimised and ranking for various keywords relevant to their new site, which had been developed elsewhere by coders with little to no SEO knowledge.

Client: Inn Places
Project type: SEO

6500 %

Increase in Page 1 Rankings

24900 %

Increase in Keywords Ranking


David and Gabrielle had encountered issues with the build of their new site, which was promoting country inns with rooms around the UK in order to generate room bookings. Unfortunately, their developers had not made the site search friendly in terms of technical setup and onsite optimisation. They were only ranking for their brand and as a new business they weren't attracting many visits through this alone, so we needed to optimise the site in order to appear for keywords relating to their properties.


We needed to communicate with developers who did not fully understand the SEO process and why elements of the site needed to be a certain way in order to enable it to rank as well as possible. We also needed to write up hundreds of title tags, meta content and copy amendments and have these applied throughout the site as it was both being finished and once it was fully live.


We researched hundreds of relevant keywords, identifying hundreds of thousands of searches per month which we would be able to target on site.


Following this, in depth site content optimisation was written up and applied to the site by the developers. This included allowing title tags to be unique for each page, meta descriptions to be added in order to attract click on the links in?SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and various copy and metadata?amendments to be applied in order to improve relevancy.


Technically, we had to improve the visibility of the site to search engines and make it easier for both users and search spiders to access the site and properly index the pages for these target keywords.

Case Study - Inn Places


Inn Place's rankings have improved dramatically, now with over 250 keywords ranking in Google and Bing as well as over 60 now appearing on page 1 of Google. In total, over 12,000 positions have been gained in less than a year, significantly improving the visibility of the site and allowing it to attract users searching for the properties and locations covered. They continue to make significant gains in the rankings on a monthly basis.