Sturdy Cake Stackers - Case Study

Sturdy Cake Stackers

Helen and Paul from Sturdy Cake Stackers contacted WeBoost as they were looking for an ecommerce website to use as the main platform for selling a new kind of cake stacking product they had developed. As a startup, they needed to keep the initial outlay to a minimum until sales of their products were generated. They also required a simple method of monitoring stock levels, as products were split between multiple locations. Further to this, they knew about the importance of online marketing and SEO and needed the site to rank well for target keywords which are relevant to their products.

Client: Sturdy Cake Stackers
Project type: Web Design, Web Development, SEO

235 %

Increase in traffic

130 %

Increase in Leads


To build an attractive, informative, mobile responsive and search engine friendly ecommerce platform under a tight initial budget.


We designed and built a bespoke, mobile responsive and search engine friendly ecommerce website. We included several CTAs (Call To Actions) and USPs (Unique Selling Points) throughout the site in order to help persuade visitors to peruse the products and make a purchase. We also included an instructional video to show how easy to use the products are and a step by step guide, as well as a comparison image gallery to show how their cake stacking solution can help stop costly and disappointing collapses whilst in transit.


Once the site had launched and had been successful, at Sturdy Cake Stacker's request we developed a bespoke stock control system to enable them to easily track their stock levels.


We also embarked on SEO for the site, which has gained multiple position 1 places in Google for various relevant keywords. In order to target keywords which were relevant to their products but not suitable to be targeted elsewhere on the current content, we added a WordPress blog complete with sector relevant blog articles in order to help both attract rankings for new keywords and to encourage organic links to the site.

Sturdy Cake Stackers - Case Study


Sturdy Cake Stackers are now enjoying more sales than ever and are ranking strongly for over two dozen keywords. They have a beautiful, effective website and a strong following on Social Media, with their product gaining rave reviews, aided by their increased visibility at the top of Google's rankings.