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Email Marketing lists and newsletters are one of the most powerful and profitable internet marketing methods around. Keep your company, products and services fresh in the mind of your clients and encourage recurring purchases.

Email Marketing Nottingham

Email marketing is an often underrated method of promoting?your business online. Internet marketing shouldn't just be about attracting new clients but also encouraging previous customers to come back and spend with your business again. Email marketing, when done right, can help keep your company in the mind of your clients and encourage them to become recurring customers.

Building Lists & Effective Email Marketing

Not only can we?harvest emails from past customers in order to send marketing messages via email marketing, we can also setup various elements which will allow you to build a list of emails for people who are interested in your brand, products and/or services. These include newsletter popups, opt-in checkboxes on checkout and various other methods including signups via PPC and Social Media Marketing.

Once we've obtained a list of genuine email addresses, we can then create engaging, informative email campaigns to encourage those signed up to visit your site and generate further enquiries.

Email Template Design

We'll work with you to create beautiful HTML email templates, targeted to attract users back to your business. We'd be able to promote special offers, new products and services, new pricing and much more in order to persuade users to visit your site.

Split Testing & Performance Optimisation

We use cutting edge tools in order to monitor the performance of your email campaigns. Using this data, we're able to then write subject which encourage more open emails, content which drives more clicks through to your site and ensure your email marketing campaigns improve over time.

Contact us today and get your email marketing campaigns in front of people who are interested in your company, services and products.

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Email Marketing Nottingham

What we can do for you - Email Marketing:

Email Marketing can both attract new clients to your business and attract previous customers back to you. Build an email list, create campaigns and make the most of your contacts.

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