Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing plays a key role in attracting and interacting with customers online. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus all play different but important roles when improving your outreach.

All of these social platforms are amongst the most visited sites in the world today. Make sure you’re well represented when people are using these channels to look for your services and products.

Social Media Marketing Nottingham


Facebook Management

Social Media Marketing Nottingham - FacebookFacebook is one of the world’s most popular sites, with millions of people using the platform every day. That’s why it’s the perfect place for sharing deals, promoting new products and services, running competitions or otherwise engaging with your clientèle.

Make sure your business is represented properly with a fully branded, optimised page. We’ll provide engaging content to encourage a larger audience and improve your reach through this avenue.

Twitter Management

Social Media Marketing Nottingham - TwitterTwitter is the second most used social media site out there, just after Facebook. Twitter, too, has many uses for the modern business, whether you operate solely online or not.

Easily contact your clients to quickly calm customer service issue, promote new products & seasonal offers. Even share anything new from within your business.

Twitter can also be used to search for people talking about your products or looking for your services, whilst encouraging them to contact you.

Google Plus Management

Social Media Marketing Nottingham - Google PlusGoogle+ is the only social media platform to be shown to directly improve your site’s rankings in the search engines. For this reason alone it’s worth having your business on there.

You can also use the incredibly powerful Google Places pages for any physical addresses you have, improving your performance in local search results.

There’s also the Author Tag which is only obtainable from G+, which is quickly aiding a growing ranking factor (known as Author Rank). This is essential for blogging and article marketing purposes.

Pinterest SEO

Social Media Marketing Nottingham - PinterestPinterest is unlike any of the other social media platforms. It’s very much a visual based social site, where people share photographs and interesting images with each other.

We can use Pinterest to effectively promote your site’s products and services, whilst also using the social signals for SEO purposes.

Monthly SMO Management

As well as creating and optimising your social media pages, WeBoost can also provide a monthly SMO (Social Media Optimisation) management service at great rates to ensure you get the best from your social campaigns. This takes the hassle out of managing the accounts yourself and ensures the most is made of your exposure on these high visibility platforms.

Social media is great used in line with our SEO services.?Contact us today to find out more about our expert social media management services.

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Social Media Marketing Nottingham

What we can do for you - SMM:

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ are some of the most visited sites in the world and all play different but important roles when improving your reach.

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